Monday, June 01, 2009

What are Rosemary & Larry Mild reading?

The current featured contributors to Writers Read: Rosemary and Larry Mild, co-authors who write cozy mysteries, adventure/thrillers, short stories, articles, and essays. Their books include Locks & Cream Cheese, Hot Grudge Sunday, Boston Scream Pie, and Miriam's Gift: A Mother's Blessings -- Then and Now.

Their entry includes personal favorites, as well as this paragraph about a shared enthusiasm:
We share one favorite author, Ken Follett, and his two historical novels: Pillars of the Earth and the sequel, World Without End. Pillars plunges us into twelfth-century Kingsbridge, England. Follett gives us accurate medieval history, with the pace and action of a thriller. All his characters are flesh-and-blood. In Pillars we follow a young architect and his inglorious attempts to build a Gothic cathedral; the walls keep falling down—until his invention of flying buttresses. A gritty young woman survives rape, the destruction of her business, and betrayal. Follett weaves a tapestry of daily English society: the Church and its politics; the sheep farmers and the wool industry; the powerful, corrupt knights. World Without End continues the saga two hundred years later in the same town. We live with two boys and two girls, through floods, famine, the plague, and ruthless leaders determined to destroy them and their dreams.What is so satisfying about both books is that Follett allows human goodness to triumph without sappiness, with absolutely authentic emotions and logical successes....[read on]
Learn more about the authors and their work at Rosemary & Larry Mild's website.

Writers Read: Rosemary and Larry Mild.

--Marshal Zeringue