Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pg. 69: Mitch Silver's "In Secret Service"

Today's feature at the Page 69 Test: Mitch Silver's In Secret Service.

About the book, from the publisher:

In this debut of a uniquely talented novelist, Ian Fleming's real world of spies, love, passion, and danger is brought to life when a young woman inherits Fleming's long-hidden account of spying during World War II and must finish it to find out why people are trying to kill her.

In 1964, James Bond's creator sealed a package containing a manuscript he thought no one would read until fifty years after his death. Ian Fleming was an officer in Britain's Naval Intelligence during World War II, and he had his own adventures to recount. His family ties and his career had taken him to the upper echelons of British and American society and espionage, a world where passionate affairs, exotic locations, and polite cocktail chatter were interlaced with danger, betrayal, and deceit. He'd replicated that world in his famous novels, but this manuscript contained a real spy story that would explode history when its secrets were revealed. He'd chosen the reader, and he'd have to trust she would serve the truth.

In 2005, Amy Greenberg -- a young American academic with a glittering future -- is summoned to Ireland to claim the contents of her grandfather's safe deposit box, in which she finds only one thing: a manuscript by Ian Fleming. The pages detail Fleming's involvement in Allied spycraft and contain information so confidential, so potentially explosive, that Amy soon discovers that people on both sides of the Atlantic are willing to kill to maintain its secrecy. As she journeys back home with her precious cargo, Amy finds herself in a race against time -- she must unlock the manuscript's shocking and fascinating secrets and outwit the unknown assailants who would do anything to bury the truth and protect a traitor's name.

Peopled with characters including Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Anthony Blunt, and FDR and illustrated with authenticating documents, In Secret Service is a historical mystery inside a contemporary thriller. The debut of an exciting new writer, this book combines impeccable research with thrilling action, in a brand-new take on espionage suspense.

Among the praise for the novel:

"A monarchy in trouble, murderous treason, and a World War II betrayal that resonates into the present. The real thrill of In Secret Service is watching this contemporary and historical tale recounted through the fun house mirror. Enjoy the ride."
— Brad Meltzer, bestselling author of The Book of Fate

"First-time novelist Silver spins an entertaining tale ... and his high spirits are so contagious that readers will happily go along for the ride."
Publishers Weekly

"This story that harks back to the best of the Cold War thrillers is at home in the past and the present - and compelling in both. It's one Fleming himself would have enjoyed."
The Rocky Mountain News

"Silver works in Fleming's actual involvement with spycraft, Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Anthony Blunt, and FDR—plus the secret traitor — and illustrates with "authenticating" documents. Fun."

"Silver creates a dizzying and yet undeniably fascinating tale."
Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Smart and breezy...slyly plotted and bolstered with clever evidence and a winsome heroine. Winner of the beach-read sweepstakes, it will have us teasing facts from fiction. For all popular collections, in multiple copies."
Library Journal
In Secret Service is Mitch Silver's first novel.

Read a Q & A with Mitch Silver and an excerpt from the novel.

The Page 69 Test: In Secret Service.

--Marshal Zeringue